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Ambiance.  The mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, particularly of an environment.  Nothing says ambiance like music and lighting!  From simple elegance to over-the-top "wow", we can help you achieve exactly the right feel for your event.  Architectural Up-Lighting, Texture Lighting to broadcast patterns on walls or ceilings, Custom Signature Name Spotlights or Highlights to accent your cake or floral arrangements.  206 Events can transform your event space and help create your dreams!


We love weddings...and we feel it requires a very unique skill set to be a great Wedding Producer .  Professional, polished, engaging, friendly, organized and most importantly, flexible!  Connection with your Wedding Professional is paramount, building a trust that will allow you to relax and enjoy the most important day of your life. 

With an attention to the little details, we guarantee that your special day will be a reflection of you! 

Any well executed production takes effort and planning.  At

206 Events, we will help you to create those special moments throughout your wedding.  A dramatic pause with just the right musical accompaniment as you reach the altar, a well choreographed grand entrance, a romantic touch during the first dance.  We know these moments don't just happen by chance and we look forward to creating them with you!  Making sure you and your guests will be left with a wedding to remember.

Holiday Parties, Birthdays,

Corporate Events & More

206 Events will help you enhance any party!  Providing background music for dinners and cocktail parties, audio/visual support for meetings and presentations, dance parties for holiday celebrations and birthdays and everything in between.  We know every event is better with great music and we want to help you throw the kind of party that your guests deserve!